P F - Naveensmall


Name: Naveen

Age: 20

Distinguishing/Hidden features(Scars, birthmarks, etc): His wide mouth (it's attractive. honest)

Style (Elegant, shabby etc.): Elegant but casual. A combination of his desire to be normal and his upbringing.

'Greatest flaw:' He doesn't know when enough is enough and that applies for everything.

Best quality: He doesn't take everything seriously. And adapts very well to new situations. (Seriously, the kid turns into a mother flippin' frog and he appears pretty chill about it)


Character's Financial/Social Situation: Broke as the day is long.

Educational Background: Naveen is actually highly educated thanks to his family.

Family & Relationships:

- Father (living) - Naveen actually, when he isn't being a leeching playboy, gets along with his father.

- Mother (living) - And he holds his mother in the highest respect. If there's one thing that got through his thick skull it was that his mother stay provided for. And safe.

- Brother (living) - Naveen's little brother is actually very distant from him. He was only 5 when Naveen left.

Character's Spiritual/Religious Beliefs: Why pray when you can party?

Emotional/Mental CharacteristicsEdit

Any Mental Illnesses? None.

How does Character see himself/herself? Incredibly handsome and charming and awesome.

How does Character believe he/she is perceived by others? Incredibly handsome and charming and awesome.

How would others describe your Character? Incredibly handsome and charming and a total jerk palace brat.

What is the spine of your character? Naveen is essentially a coward when it comes to anything involving his own skin. But Naveen will, for people he cares about - or people they care about, risk much.

What is the mental process of your character? Hello, pretty ladies. Ukulele playing time. Oh look, food! Drinks too! Let's go back to my place~ (you get the idea)

What would most embarrass this character? Being ridiculed in front of a crowd.

What does the character want out of life? Happiness.

What would the character like to change in his/her life? Not much. Perhaps just simplify things. He doesn't really care for the whole royalty thing, just music and a good time.

What motivates this character? The promise of a good time, money, Tiana

What frightens this character? Being alone or hated.

What makes this character happy? Being with people he loves or enjoys.



Food: Anything from New Orleans

Color: Red.

Season of the year: Summer

Movie: The Producers

TV Show: America's Funniest Home Videos


I believe when we die, we: Go to whatever paradise we imagine for ourselves.

The greatest thing one person can do for another is: Pretend to be something they're not.

The ugliest thing I ever saw was: A textile mill.

The most beautiful thing I ever saw was: A woman dancing.

I am superstitious about: Voodoo. And handshaking with strangers.